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Welcome to Key K-9

Twin Dogs

Our Company

At ​Key K-9 our goal is to make both the dog and owner happy. Key K-9's Training is meant to be a fun activity where a dog can unlock their abilities both physically and mentally. Many dogs have issues because they do not have enough physical or mental stimulation. This causes dogs to be destructive, hyper, and out of control. Through our training you give your dog something to do instead of resorting to all those bad behaviors for stimulation. Key K-9 unlocks the channels of communication between you and your dog.

We specialize in private training lessons. One on one lessons allow us to focus solely on your dog. We also offer group puppy classes to help you start your puppy off on the right foot. And group treat training classes.

We Train All Dogs

At Key K-9 we understand that all dogs are unique and strive to train each based on what is best for them. We offer training to all breeds, ages, and sizes. We believe we can help train 98% of all dogs.

Training a Puppy with Snack
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